Stone 4009

Renostone is our flagship product. It is offered in 5 different styles and a wide variety of colours to suit any decor.

Renostone weighs only 8 pounds per square foot and requires no special supoport or foundation. It can easily be applied to any interior or exterior wall surface.


Renofit 6009

Renofit is a new modular stone series that requires no joints.Making it very easy and fast to install.

We now have six different series to complement an decor.


Brick 207

For those of you who prefer the look of brick, Renobrik is the perfect choice.

It is available in two distinct styles (Classic series and Heritage series) to complement any décor.



Hearth Slabs

  • Our hearth slabs are ideal for fireplace surrounds and wood stove bases.
  • They are available in two sizes and in a wide array of colours made to match any of our products.

Decorative Accents

  • Our decorative accents add that architectural touch of distinction to any project by accenting windows, doors or fireplace openings.

Address Plaques

  • Our address plaques are one of a kind. The numbers have a beautiful slate-like surface as if carved in stone.


  1. All of our products are made of a special lightweight concrete. They can be applied to any interior or exterior wall surface without any added structural support.
  2. All of our products are heat resistant and non-flammable which makes them ideal for fireplace or woodstove surrounds.
  3. Our products are coloured with natural oxide pigments making them colourfast.